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Software Technology International Inc. has also been providing Consultancy Services to leading IT Companies spread across the United States. They arrange for the services of reliable and productive computer consultants on a contract "per-project" basis. We provide our clients with the required resources and expertise which allows them to implement high quality technical solutions, while contributing to their company's growth and providing them the ability to secure and maintain a long term strategic advantage over their competitors. The clients of STI Consulting rely upon our professional consultants to provide quality IT services and to help them gain and sustain a competitive edge. Many dynamic corporations work in partnership with STI to staff their technical outsourcing positions.

Why choose STI Consulting?

We work with clients who understand and respect the value that a seasoned IT consultant provides.

We have developed a strong reputation among the Fortune 1000 companies within North-Eastern United States. If there is an exciting project going on, the (odds-are) we know about it first. Over 87% of our consultants have sought additional assignments through our firm.

We understand that your skills are in demand. We offer our consultants very competitive hourly rates. Unlike our competitors, STI believes in transparency.

Open Minded
We do not operate on rigid guidelines that exist solely for our benefit. Our goal is to keep our clients happy and to serve the consultants who are working with us. Do you need something exceptional? All you have to do is ask. If we can possibly accommodate you, we will. If we can't, we will be upfront about it.

Our entire business is geared towards helping computer consultants to maximize their technical abilities and to participate profitably in high profile and critical IT. initiatives. Our job is to help consultants secure lucrative and challenging contract assignments any time they are available. The driving force of our entire business is integrity and honesty and it shows through in every facet of our company.

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