Erp flex - Payroll

                            Erp flex - Payroll offers the simple and quick solution for setting up and processing payroll month after month . Complete compliance with Indian,U.S,Singapore,Malaysia Laws is incorporated in this package. Very simple and completely menu driven, this package offers flexibility in almost all fields like pay slip design ,attendance , Earning deduction, defining grade wise salary. Several reports , that offer valuable MIS are part of this package

                        The sharing and processing of information between departments is smooth and easy, with distributed architecture of Erp flex - Payroll.


                 To maintain all details regarding the company policy and employee.Fully Automated Software that reduces Manual work.

Some features of Erp flex - Payroll

  • Can work in all major platforms.

  • Multi Level Security.

  • Minimize the inter communication gap between departments.

  • Efficient and reliable to handle any number of records.

  • Maintenance of Master records.

  • Department Request Handling.

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