Distil is a data scrubbing software that removes “do not call” numbers contained in any Call list. The user has the privilege of selecting the phone number format and hence it works for all major formats. If there is any number with format other than that of the selected one it is redirected to a different file.


Get absolute Call List by distilling Do Not Call list* from any Total Call List. Fully Automated Software that reduces Manual work.

Some features of Distil

  • Efficient and reliable to handle any number of records, hundreds or millions.

  • User friendly and online help available.

  • Works with different formats includes excel, access, text and word files.

  • Separate file will be created with removed DNC numbers.

  • Separate file will be created with records in the Total call and Don't call files that are not in the selected format after skipped for checking. They will not be included in the final call list.

  • One hour free online training included in the product price.


           One time fee of $199.00                                                                                  - Price includes 30 days free tech support (phone/email)                                     - Additional support is available, charged $1.00 for every 5 minutes

* Do not call list may be customer's own do not call list or national do not call list or state do not call list. More details to get National do not call list is available ahttps://telemarketing.donotcall.gov/. To get state do not call list please contact state offices. STI doesn't provide any list including national and state do not call list and customer should make own arrangements to obtain those lists.


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