Erp flex - Accounts

Accounts is the core of all business financial records.Erp flex - Accounts software, developed using proven technologies makes the accounting process reliable and secure. It is designed from the ground up to be the user friendly software.

                  Erp flex - Accounts allows customers fast, convenient and ‘round-the-clock accessibility to the account - right from their personal computer. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, customers can retrieve account status information, view payment, billing, invoice history and payment terms. This real-time service eliminates phone tag and speeds up ability to monitor the account. It allows to stay up to date on accounting credit notes and sale


To maintain all details regarding organization's accounting system. Fully Automated Software that reduces Manual work.

Some features of Erp flex - Accounts

  • Can work in all major platforms.

  • Multi Level Security.

  • Minimize the inter communication gap between departments.

  • Efficient and reliable to handle any number of records.

  • User friendly and online help available.

  • Efficient Transaction Management.

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