Call Centre Services

Some estimates find that it costs about 10 times more to find a new customer than it does to retain a current customer. This explains why customer support services have become an important function in a company's value chain. Today's economy is global, and the market can now be approached with either a global or a regional vision. This is a clear illustration of the now famous precept: "Think global, act local". In order to meet the growing international demand for cost-effective, customer-oriented call centre, our company in India has set up a state of art contact centre in Chennai.

Our services in this realm

End to end essential services to corporates such as

* Help Desk and Information services
* Order Processing
* Complaint Management
* Product Launch Support
* Appointments setting
* Product/Services Promotion
* Telemarketing and
* E-Mail correspondence and follow up


1.Voice Support
2.Chat Support and
3.E-Mail Support

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